Well, not exactly, Dear Reader. While I have been far from a dedicated blogger, I have been writing regulary (I picked up one of those writing partners I’ve heard so much about). My word count is anemic, but it’s still moving on up at a creep. There’s a legit reason I’ve neglected my manuscripts and blog in recent months. I won’t say more until it’s definite but my brain has been consumed with a long cherished goal and I am *this* close to having all that effort pay off. In a few months time I’ll be back, with a currently under construction tumblr no less, with more stories and less angst (witness the total absence of fucks regarding my NaNoWriMo fail). Until then, I gotta go get shit done.

Winifred Burton ricocheted around the country for years before her abrupt halt in Seattle where she currently resides. She likes random minutae and pop culture that should be ashamed of itself. Girl Out of Water is her first novel.

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