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Goodbye Porpoise Spit AKA Later Seattle, it’s been weird

I have lived all the cliches. I am one merit badge away from unlocking an unholy rom-com achievement sash. Teenage girl on a Greyhound bus to New York City with nothing but a dream? Check. Driven, career-focused woman making a u-turn for love on the cusp of 30? Check. Carefree divorcee leaving it all  behind […]


The MixTape

I’m starting to feel the heat of the Broken Wave deadline. In a good, “I will not let this sequel become vaporware” kind of way. When the writing gets real, I reach for my headphones. Music is an integral part of my everyday life and my creative process. I wouldn’t attempt to write a book […]

What Had Happened Was…

I totally blew my deadline for Broken Wave. In fact, I’m still in the process of blowing that deadline, as much as I am simultaneously in the process of correcting the matter by wrestling my manuscript daily. Let me explain. Working an obscene amount of hours at my day job while moving across Seattle to […]

How Great Leaders Inspire Action, as translated by Winifred

“Why,” I mean: What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?” – Simon Sinek, Author of Start with Why. Let it be known I’m a TED talk devotee. I discuss my favorite TED talks […]

True Lies

The cliche is write what you know. Toni Morrison said something like “Write the book you want to read.” I did both of those things when I told a story about a young black woman making her way into adulthood in the secret supernatural underbelly of Seattle. I wanted more representation of characters like people […]

Nerds in Paris – Part 2

Remember the part of this blog where I am a published author of a gripping story about coming of mystical age when you’re black, urban, and nerdy? Me neither. However, Broken Wave, the next Cryptid Coterie installment is on the horizon, and there have been a few odd incidents of life imitating small sections of […]

Nerds in Paris Part 1

So I just returned from Paris. I know, I know, my life is hard. For the last three weeks I have been immersed in a language I don’t know, learning cultural etiquette via trial and error, and obsessed with butter in all of it’s glorious forms. I walked, and thought, and got lost in the […]

Nerding While Black with Seattle Geekly

Nerding While Black with Seattle Geekly This week I had a nerdy ramble with Shannon and Matt the awesome duo behind Seattle Geekly. They asked me a question I struggle with all the time: Winifred, how exactly are you nerdy? That’s the thing. I don’t separate my nerd self from my black self or even […]

The first Mrs. Henry Yesler, Sarah.

Mark your calenders! On 2/27/14 I’m making an appearance on Seattle Geekly Podcast – Episode #213 – Geeks of Color

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