Sales and Sequels


d350f797d411cb3f56851920c26658e4To celebrate the upcoming release of Broken Wave, the second installment in the Cryptid Coterie series, Girl Out of Water is on sale! If I was Scooter from Borderlands, I’d say “This is where the awesome lives, get you some!” Oh Scooter. For a limited time, pick up an ebook edition of Girl Out of Water in the flavor (Kindle, Kobo, Nook) of your choice for only 99 cents. You can know where the awesome is going to be ahead of time by subscribing to this blog. Join the mailing list for promotions, giveaways, and up to the minute Winifred whimsy and whinging. Go on, fill this out, I’ll wait.

Ok, resume whinge. So sequels. Even though Girl Out of Water was always the first installment in a much longer story, writing a series is a bit mad. As a writer you’re basically saying, “So you thought those casually mentioned details were unnecessarily mysterious and inconsequential, well Reader, they’re HUGE! Got your nose, can’t believe you didn’t see that 2000 pages ago. If you’re pulling that off, well good on you, gasps and golf claps. If you’re not, you’re confusing the hell out of people.

They like it, the real fantasy addict, fangirl types (such as myself) love to hunt for the one true clue that lets them say with satisfaction, after they’ve devoured the latest/last installment, “That’s how it had to be. If you look at the characters, their arc until now, there was no other path they could have taken and stayed true to themselves.” Yes we know how it sounds, yes we love saying that sort of thing anyway. As I grind away in preparation to unveil and further muddle the world of Tabitha Slate and Seattle cryptid society with secrets and unanswered questions for every revealed detail, know that I’m just as surprised when something happens in my books as you are. How cool is that?